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  • airpath contains ceramic/stainless steel.
  • mouthpiece can be used with or without glass.
  • adjustable cooling unit with an unique reclaim recycling system.
  • minimal draw resistance.
  • the CouchLog can be unplugged while using it.
  • the CouchLog and the temperature controller come with a magnet to prevent tipping. Adhesive metal pad included if you don't have a magnetic surface.
  • removable heat sleeve for use in close conditions and to switch between wood options.
  • safety first! Compared to other heavy hitters on the market, you will get an encased heater and a magnet stand to prevent your skin from getting burned.
  • quick cleaning concept.
  • option to add glass beads for cooling the vapor. 
  • the herb chamber can be placed directly on top of an 14mm joint 


  • temperature controller GRENADILL
  • mouthpiece
  • power supply (EU or International)
  • connecting cable
  • stirring/tamp tool
  • loading funnel
  • adhesive metal pad
  • recycling pads
  • spare parts(O-Ring/screen)
  • Ø 11mm screen for glass beads 
  • manual


  • the mouthpiece fits an 14mm and 18mm joint
  • 14mm injector heater
  • the heater runs on a maximum of 12Watts
  • size of the Log Ø40mm x 100mm
  • size of the temperature controller Ø44mm x 39mm
  • herb chamber can fit 0,2g 
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